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small fish

We  are small fish, swimming hopefully around the edges of the pond, and we have no idea what is going on in the minds of the sharks, squids and giant clams.

I wish I could feel in any way optimistic about the way this merger of two publishers, originally founded by men who wanted to make good literature available for a price the working ‘man’ could afford, is going to benefit writers.

Readers, perhaps, will now have a more dazzling market stall to browse, and some of the wares will be pushed at them more vigorously than others. Using all the media platforms, Penguin Random House will have a very loud voice.

Ah me. When I read reviews of new books, I now look carefully for the publisher’s name. I applaud small publishers, and support them by buying from them, if I can.

Readers, you are the crucial factor in this. Please exercise your power.


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Capturing the mood

DOLLYWAGGLERS will be published!

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Feast of Bones

Feast of Bones

A dark and funny journey into no mans land. Come and see it in October.  

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is the link.  Have a look. It really is that simple.

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