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Just in case you were wondering how the Moobra works – well, obviously, it is not a copy of a women’s bra, because if that is what a man wanted, he could buy one in a large size. 

No, the joy of the Moobra is that you slip your moobs into the moulded cups and straight away you are the proud possessor of a pair of magnificent, taut and bulging pecs, held firmly in place by the ingenious strap and back-fastening clasp, which is exactly the same as the one on the  conventional bra.

 If you as a chap find this uncomfortable, well I can only say, welcome to the club, because there is no such thing as a comfortable bra, they all constrict you and are itchy and uncomfortable on your back. Welcome to the world of beauty.

I am sure you will be asking me now, where can I buy this? Alas, I am sorry to say that my skills do not stretch to dressmaking. The Moobra is as yet a figment of my febrile imagination. I offer it to the universe and hope that some enterprising needleperson will pick it up and run with it.

The Moobra awaits. . 

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Too late for summer, but ready for Christmas – invented by a MAN and myself during one of those dinnertime conversations that begin as idle chat but suddenly take wing….

Some of my best friends have moobs [or man-boobs, just in case you have been living on a desert island that doesn’t get broadband for the last ten years], and it’s surely time to come out of that agony of indecision about what to wear to conceal – light colours too transparent? Figure-hugging shirts too revealing? Loose clothes undulate with you as you walk?

From now on, why not sport a MOOBRA – designed for maximum comfort; you can be out there and proud of it. Remember, this did not spring from my own female fevered brain – a man was very much part of this idea which could herald a new era in men’s clothing.

Has it been made? Not yet. Anyone can pick this up and run [freely and comfortably] with it. If you make one, send me a photo. .  

Let moobs become a fashion statement – equality rules.

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