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Hot off the press

If you think I’ve been banging on too much about the ‘Authonomy’ writers’ site, then read no further.

There are more than a few ‘debut’novelists there who are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to get their second one published.

A community of people who help each other is exactly what writers need. A resource you can dip into, and a friendly crowd who will always talk with you.

I live miles from anywhere, so I especially appreciate what Authonomy has done for me.

Read the article on http://www.viewfromheremagazine.com/2012/03/frances-kay-is-interviewed-by-frances.html

The immaculately apposite illustration is by Bradley Wind, artist and writer extraordinaire.

And, if you’re a once off author, let me know what you think, I don’t think it’s the quality of our writing that has changed.

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Dingle was the best ever this year. Not that I got to see all the films I wanted to – work commitments took us away a day early. But here are the moments I loved:

Watching the documentary film in the Phoenix Cinema about Michael O’Sullivan, longtime owner and real film buff, also a Kerryman through and through, fishing, farming and living the local life. He ran the Phoenix in good times and bad because ‘I love cinema – and I love people!’ As he raised his glass to camera – and us – Nico Brown’s music came under the shot with a tear-jerking version of ‘The Parting Glass’. As Maurice Galway said, ‘We miss you, Michael’. I remember meeting him in his evening dress as he showed us to our seats; a whole row of people stood to let us pass, while he chatted of this and that. Eventually he let us go, and I turned round to see Gabriel Byrne, the guest of honour that year, patiently standing and waiting. 

Early on Saturday we had a treat – live music to a silent film made by Tom Fitzgerald, the Dingle ironmonger who was the same height as Robert Mitchum, so was drafted in to be his stand-in when the original broke his leg and returned to the US. Tom filmed between takes, and the feeling that came across most strongly was the pure fun and enjoyment everyone was having being part of ‘Ryan’s Daughter’. Live music was provided by the silvery-toned Eílís Kennedy and the tuneful whistling of Nico Brown and his many instruments. A full house at 8 am on St Patrick’s Day.

Finally, on Saturday night, a poignant little film about Amy Winehouse and the gig she did in Dingle when she was 22. Shown in the very same venue as her concert, St James’ Church, and intercut with an engaging and joyous interview she gave to John Kelly from RTE, it reminded us all that genius comes at a price. and that her musical journey was only just beginning. 

There was more – films long and short, happy encounters, parties, exchanges of ideas and business cards, fabulous food and a pipe band and  parade. But don’t take it from me – be there next year and experience it for yourself! 




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dear Reader

I don’t buy books from Amazon because they are highly ranked, I always know what I’m looking for and go straight to it. Do you?

Occasionally I check with ‘Micka’ to see how he’s getting on. Yesterday, down in the 200,000s. Today, 68.000s. Yesterday there were 4 copies left. Today there are 3 copies.

Can ONE BOOK being sold make such a massive difference?

Not that I’m complaining. If you read this, single purchaser, you have made my day!



And here’s the link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Micka-Frances-Kay/dp/0330513826/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1331816615&sr=1-1

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Can’t wait to head to fabulous Dingle next weekend.

The rare atmosphere, the outstanding scenic beauty and the chance to see loads of hot films draws me like a magnet.

I’m especially looking forward to the tribute film to wonderful Michael O’Sullivan, who for years owned and ran the unique Phoenix Cinema in Dingle. A fine gentleman and a true aficionado of cinema, Michael has helped to keep film alive and kicking in Dingle. His death earlier this year will not end the passionate and creative relationship between the Phoenix and the Film Festival.

The film which commemorates his life  is directed by Maurice Galway, the Festival’s Director, and will be shown on Friday 16th March.


see for yourself!

see you there?


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I’ve been partying on the Authonomy site since Christmas, reading and being read. I finally realised that Micka, that neglected small boy who never gets to go to parties, should be there too. 

Picador has kindly given me permission to put a chapter up.

I am hoping this will have all kinds of good outcomes!

Come and see what’s going on at http://www.authonomy.com


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Yes, readers and followers. I wouldn’t blame you if you have abandoned me. I haven’t posted for weeks. And this, I realise, is the ultimate blogging sin. So mea culpa –  to the world.

Where have I been? Thanks for asking. I was in Andalucia, where I realised I had never read Ernest Hemingway’s classic novel about the Spanish Civil War, ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’. I started reading it immediately. There is a powerful synchronistic kick to be had from reading about a place you are in, as the echoes and images of that terrible time begin to inhabit the hills, bridges and fincas. I met people who seemed to have sprung from the passionate pages of Hemingway.  

More to follow soon. I will try and be a better blogger.  

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