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A friend on Authonomy gave me this link when I was searching for info on rhyming compounds. It’s a treasure house of useful expertise and ideas:


Do you have a literary problem you would like to solve? Let me know if this site helped.

Happy writing and reading!


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here is the link:



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Yes, I know, we’ve recently heard more than enough about the Titanic. We all know that it set sail this month a hundred years ago and, because of poor navigation, considerations of speed above all and a desire for favourable press reviews, smacked into the iceberg of oblivion and went down by the head.

One hundred years ago another hopeful ship was launched into the turbulent waters of Irish politics – the Irish Labour Party, founded by the father of the Irish nation, James Connolly, dedicated to self-determination, social justice and eradication of poverty in the miserable country that was Ireland in 1912. 

Today the Labour Party is in power for the first time for fifteen years, and it may be worth asking the question – where or what is their iceberg? Is it the Coalition to which they are shackled? The lack of differentiation between themselves and Fine Gael? A disconnect between their founding principles and the ocean of dark materials that have flowed since Irish politicians were in charge of Irish finances?

I voted Labour in the last General Election, hoping to see a new era in government, a new transparency, accountability and honesty in our public servants.  Sadly, my hopes, along with those of  thousands of others, have since gone down by the head.

Happy Hundredth Birthday, Irish Labour.  Perhaps, after the next election, it will do you good to spend some time bobbing about in the icy waters along with us, the less fortunate, less powerful and less easily deluded of your erstwhile voters.




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