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Conamara Sea Week

Next month will be the time to be in Letterfrack. I’ve been a regular, though somewhat haphazard visitor to the delightful occasion that is Sea Week – ¬†given workshops, sung songs, enjoyed meetings with wise and musical people, walked the stunning white beaches and swum in the so-clear-you-could-drink-it sea. ¬†One year I stole a perfect recipe for soda bread.

Alas, this year I can’t be there.

One year a poem emerged, all by itself; to celebrate Clare and Leo Hallissey and their creative enthusiasm for the part of the world they live in, here it is:


Weeds wash with the surf

Slaphappy jumblesale of shell and shale

A curious curlew questions

Why, why are we here?

On this strand where men have died from hunger,

Seaweed straggles the stones in stripes of terracotta, fern-green, peat bog black;

I dip the dulse, rosy-brown, and bite.

This salt salad satisfies

Land hunger, sea hunger, man hunger.

I could live on these rainbows.


Here’s a link to tell you more http://www.ceecc.org/

If you get there, walk on Renvyle beach. I envy you.




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