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Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I have just done a search on WordPress using ‘franceskaywriter’ and was told there was NO RESULT. This suggests to me that I am leaving far too long between blogposts. Sorry about this.

What have I done since my last one?

Been to the fabulous DINGLE FILM FESTIVAL ,  saw many fine films, two of which I urge you to catch next time they are showing:

THE PERVERT’S GUIDE TO IDEOLOGY [must see for any media studies students]

LORE [wonderfully photographed with stunning performances by three children on a journey through a dystopian German landscape at the end of WW2]

And I declare an interest in the exciting premiere of a film directed by Maurice Galway, music by Nico Brown: PAULINE BEWICK: YELLOW MAN, GREY MAN is a frank and revelatory look at this extraordinary artist and her work….

Here is the full programme for you to gnash your teeth over if you missed it:

Next blog on my strange journey through the landscape and into the trousers of Thomas Hardy will follow soon!

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Can’t wait to head to fabulous Dingle next weekend.

The rare atmosphere, the outstanding scenic beauty and the chance to see loads of hot films draws me like a magnet.

I’m especially looking forward to the tribute film to wonderful Michael O’Sullivan, who for years owned and ran the unique Phoenix Cinema in Dingle. A fine gentleman and a true aficionado of cinema, Michael has helped to keep film alive and kicking in Dingle. His death earlier this year will not end the passionate and creative relationship between the Phoenix and the Film Festival.

The film which commemorates his life  is directed by Maurice Galway, the Festival’s Director, and will be shown on Friday 16th March.


see for yourself!

see you there?


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…. and sometimes it’s a film. Well, actually, I have only done this twice.

The first play I dreamed was about a hive of bees – I saw it all; the sets, the costumes, the characters and the story. It turned into a play for five year olds about life in a beehive. Originally titled THE BUZZ IS GOOD, this was changed at the suggestion of Martin, the director, who said the title was too ‘druggy’. So it ended up being called BUMBOGS AND BEES –  bumbóg is the Irish word for a bee.

Then, a couple of nights ago, a short film crept into my dream – tantalisingly unfinished. It was called BAR COLONELS. Four colonels from different South American countries, in full military uniform, are running a bar on a beach. In my dream, it was being directed by my friend Maurice, who runs the Dingle Film Festival. Bizarrely, he’d turned up for the shoot also sporting a full dress uniform, white, with lots of gold medals and ribbons. Although it was being shot on a windy beach in County Kerry we were all wearing our own versions of South American clothes, and the set was dressed with flowers and plastic pineapples. Underneath the jollity, however, there was an undercurrent of something dark…. the colonels were smiling too hard – and did they have guns hidden under the bar? Were they actors, or real soldiers?

I’ve given this idea to Maurice, as he seemed to have inspired it. so he now has the copyright to BAR COLONELS. I will keep you posted if it turns up in 2013’s  Dingle Film Festival..

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