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I forgot to mention this, with all the other more important stuff going on, but my latest book, DOLLYWAGGLERS is FREE to download RIGHT NOW.
If you don’t have a Kindle (as I don’t), you can get a totally free Kindle app. from Amazon, put it on any device or computer, and read away.


That is not a proper link, you have to cut and paste. Sorry. For some inexplicable [to me] reason, I can’t insert a link into this edit.

However, if you have the patience to copy and paste, it will work. And the book is still free!

Paperback versions cost £8.99
Happy Christmas!
If you think this book is not about happy anything, you could be wrong… my characters find hope and a light….eventually.
Oh, and there is a sequel in the pipeline, so it can’t be all doom.
Though ‘Dollywagglers’ is definitely a dystopia.

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Girls who read

I find this rather sweet and neat. 

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the big full stop

I haven’t been here for a while, and the reason is that I was lost for words.

Something has happened in my life that has taken all my wit to process, and words have for once been unable to help me. 

Out of the blue, with pretty well no noticeable symptoms, I have grown an astrocytoma inside my spinal cord. It has now been investigated. Shaped like a star burst, with long tentacles, it has woven itself so completely into the tissue that it cannot be removed. . 

No one can tell me how long my life expectancy is, though this is a slow growing tumour that remains inside the spinal cord.. My oncologist and my neurosurgeon have both suggested I have years, not months, of life.

As this blog is about words, I want to let my readers know how passionately glad I am that my status as a writer is healthy. One book I feel proud of has been published, and will always be there to be read by family and friends. I hope to have at least one more published book to my name, and if this recent event does not spur me on to great efforts, then I am not the woman I thought I was!

Writing, and the prospect of creating more ideas and stories, is consoling, inspiring and joyful.

I want to put that energy and love into my life too.

So please, wish me luck.

And never feel sorry for me. I always wanted my life to be interesting! 


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Soon to appear on here, and on Kristin’s own website http://www.kristingleeson.com, an ingenious summer competition. The winner gets nine [lucky number] stonking good books to read.

Watch these spaces!

pip pip

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dear Reader

I don’t buy books from Amazon because they are highly ranked, I always know what I’m looking for and go straight to it. Do you?

Occasionally I check with ‘Micka’ to see how he’s getting on. Yesterday, down in the 200,000s. Today, 68.000s. Yesterday there were 4 copies left. Today there are 3 copies.

Can ONE BOOK being sold make such a massive difference?

Not that I’m complaining. If you read this, single purchaser, you have made my day!



And here’s the link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Micka-Frances-Kay/dp/0330513826/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1331816615&sr=1-1

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I’ve just joined Good Reads:
a community that reads and talks about books!

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I’ve jumped aboard the Authonomy bus – an impressive community of writers who read and critically appraise any work you want to upload. Its the brainchild of Harper Collins publishers, and books that get to the top 40 in the readers’  list get read by an editor… 

If you’d like to read an extract from my new book, THE DOLLYWAGGLERS, please join in!


Happy New Year to all !

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